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Kyrah's Cottage

Please come in and look around.
My cottage is nestled at the edge of the forest. Nearby is a beautiful meadow of wildflowers. The lupines, buttercups and daisies are at their glory - a wonderful gift to the senses. Breathe the fresh, clean, life- giving air. Reach out and let the warm sun touch your body. This is a place of peace, a place for contemplation and self- renewal.

I have a great love of trees and rocks, plants and water. A walk down the path is a delight to the soul. A journey up the mountain trail can bring you a clearer vision.

You will find links to some of my favorite sites in the following places.

Come visit my garden, to find gardening and herb sites.

Journey to inner realms as you walk through the forest.

Enter my cottage to visit some of my other interests.

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