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Although I spend much time outdoors in the air and sunshine, there are times I have to come inside.



If you glance at my many bookshelves, you will find they are full of books on herbs, quilt patterns, women's studies, fantasies and children's books. Charles de Lint is my favorite contemporary fantasy author. I especially like his earlier books Moonheart and Spiritwalk. Check out his home page.



My favorite children's book illustrator is Jan Brett. She has a wonderful, fun-packed web site. Check it out , if you love children's books.



Here is a site of qoutes by women that you might find interesting.



I enjoy reading, making wall quilts and X-stitch. However, these days I spend more and more time on the computer. I enjoy surfing the World Wide Web to find new sites of interest and of course, chatting with my cyber friends on ICQ.



Other interests are learning Tai Chi, walking, hiking and cross-country skiing.

Whoops - looks like I ended up outdoors again.

I hope you have enjoyed your visit to my world. Please come visit again.



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